Our History

History of Ningbo Tianhui Machine Co., Ltd

Ningbo Tianhui Machine Co., Ltd (Tianhui Machine) was established in Sep 2007, Over the years, we have grown from a small machining shop to a well-organized machining manufacturer, Can provide precision machining parts to the customer.

Sep 2007-Apr 2012

Location: Yaqian, Ningbo
Worker: 6-25
Sales revenue: 0.04Million-0.9Million USD

Mr. Luo quite Job from an investment casting foundry then set Tianhui Machine company on Sep 2007, at that time, the company only have 4 CNC Lathe, Due to very hard working and competitive price, business grows very quickly during those time, Some year’s sales grow exceed 100%


May 2012-May 2018

Location: Xianiqiao, Ningbo
Sales revenue: 0.9Million-5.5 Million USD

On May 2012, Tianhui machine rent a 2,000 square meter factory, During those time, we have bought many machining and inspection equipment, So we have the ability to produce precision machined parts. Because of our high quality and competitive price, We started producing machined parts for some industry leading companies, Like SIEMENS, BYD, CRRC. At that time, Our quality management continued to improve, and our sales revenue also grows very quickly.


June 2018-Now

Location: Fenghua, Ningbo
Workers: 65+

For further Development, On 2018, We have bought a new factory–6500 square meters. Now we are ISO9001 certified and will work toward to 5S and TS16949.


Tianhui Machine’s Founder

Name: Mr. Luohui
Title: GM & Senior Engineer

Mr. Luohui got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical. After graduating, he worked in an investment casting foundry as an engineer, He worked in this casting foundry for 8 years,during which he trained half a year of precision casting at Tsinghua University. On Sep 2007, Mr. Luo founded Tianhui Machine company.