Stainless steel turned parts

We produce precision, complex, customized stainless steel turned parts

At Tianhui Machine company, our goal is to provide customers with precise and reliable stainless steel turned parts at the best price and without compromising quality. At the same time, we try to meet the customer’s demand for small batch, highly mixed turning components.

stainless steel turned parts
large stainless steel turned fittings

In order to produce high-precision turned parts, we are equipped with advanced multi-spindle lathes to produce turned parts at high speeds. We use the latest cutting tools, technologies and software to ensure the precise of turned parts.

ss304 turned parts
stainless steel turned glass clamp parts

We can manufacture turned parts according to customer requirements and specifications. We ensure that each turned part is manufactured according to your drawings, from material, size, tolerances and surface treatment, all in line with your requirements. And we will work closely with you and your engineers to ensure that the turned parts we produce have the shape, size, and function you need to fit perfectly into your product.

Stainless steel turned parts made of 304,316 stainless steel with high yield strength and very high corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in various sizes and shapes in various industries such as medical, hydraulic, aerospace, and automobile. But the price of stainless steel raw materials is 4-6 times higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, so we optimize the process and use a high-speed multi-spindle lathes to produce turned parts with minimal waste of raw material and money.

Tianhui Machinery, a precision turning parts manufacturer in China, has been using advanced quality management systems to manufacture turned parts of the required specifications. Since 2007, our active quality management system has ensured that the turned parts manufactured without any defects, each turning product is manufactured for the purpose of quality, which greatly saves our customers’ time and money.

Our sales and engineering teams are ready to serve you, producing efficient and cost-effective turning parts. Our good cooperation with forging and casting suppliers offers our customers more flexible process options. We not only use bar stock to produce turned parts, we also use castings and forgings to produce turned parts.

Some typical stainless steel turned parts we have produced

As a professional stainless steel maching shop in China, we have produced a large number of stainless steel turning parts according to the needs of our customers for more than ten years. such as: Stainless steel turned rings, flanges, stainless steel machined shafts, standoffs, stainless steel pipe fittings, hose fittings, twin nipples, welding nipples, caps, balls, stainless steel socket, bushing, thread plugs etc.

precision ss316 machining parts
Stainless steel turned caps
316 hose fittings
Stainless steel turned hose fittings

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