Stainless steel casting exhaust manifold

We manufacture standard and custom exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe for aftermarket, material could be stainless steel, steel and cast iron.

We have produced 20+ different kinds exhaust manifolds, mainly are stainless steel investment cast exhaust manifolds, We have the ability to provide complete finished parts, from Mapping, Investment casting, Milling, Countsinking, Testing, Inspecting, Cleaning to packaging.

Compare to cast iron exhaust manifolds, stainless steel cast exhaust manifold has 3 advantages:

  1. Corrosion resistant
  2. Light weight, This is because the stainless steel exhaust manifold has a thinner wall thickness.
  3. Boost engine performance, The stainless steel exhaust manifold can reduce main exhaust pressure and provide smooth exhaust to the turbine.

How to manufacturer the stainless steel exhaust manifold

In general, there are three main steps in the production of stainless steel casting exhaust manifolds, investment casting, machining and inspection. Among them, investment casting is the most difficult and most important step.

1. Investment casting

Some customer may not able to provide the 3d file and drawing to us, That’s OK, We can make the casting parts according to the sample, Whether it is a stainless steel exhaust manifold sample, or an aluminum or cast iron exhaust manifold samples.

In recent years, we have helped our customers to change the original aluminum welding exhaust manifold into a stainless steel casting exhaust manifold. The weight is close to that of aluminum products, But the performance is greatly improved.

2. Machining

We use 4 axis CNC Center to machining the exhaust manifolds, Including milling, drilling, countsinking, etc. As it is machined by the CNC center, so we can guarantee the products with very small tolerance.

machining stainless steel exhaust manifolds

3. Testing

Although stainless steel castings have almost no possibility of casting defects such as cracking, we still insist on a 100% leak test. This will ensure that the products we send are 100% qualified.


 1. How you inspect the exhaust manifolds?

We do 100% dimensional inspection, mainly are the mounting holes, 100% thread inspection, and 100% leakage test.

2. Can I buy exhaust manifolds from your stock?

No, We not sell from the stock. Actually, we do not have any stock for any kinds of exhaust manifolds. Because we don’t have the stock, So Our price is very competitive.

3. I like this exhaust manifolds in your website, can you produce it?

Yes, We can produce it. But, Our customer paid the mold cost of the exhaust manifolds, We must protect their interests. Therefore, Even if you need the exact same model on our website, You also need provide the mold or pay the mold cost.

4. How long Can I get a sample?

Around 50-60 days, If you can provide the mold, It will take 20-30 days to provide a sample.

Why choose us to produce exhaust manifolds?   

We are a China CNC Machining shop who has worked for some of the most well known and largest Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies in the world.

In recent years,We have produced dozens of different kinds of exhaust manifolds for our customer. AndWe have a very good casting foundry which can produce  complex structure exhaust manifolds with smooth surface quality. Then we machining those parts, and send complete finished products to you.

Our advantage is :

  • We protect our customer’s interests, without customer’s permission, We will NEVER and EVERuse customer’s mold to produce exhaust manifolds. 
  • We do 100% inspection, including 100% leakage test
  • Direct sell from factory, Very competitive price.
  • Accept small order.
  • Customer Logo available