How to reduce the price of Stainless steel parts?

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Just in this sepetember, 4 of my customer want to reduce their current producing stainless steel parts price. They write to me: ” Mike, my customer ask us to significantly reduce the 304 turned parts price, or, Mike, I want to sell this stainless steel parts outside Europe, but my potential customer can’t accept the current price, I want to change the material to mild steel to lower the price, what do you think?”

Maybe many cutomer have met similar problems, So I think it is necessary to introduce my ideas: how to reduce the price of stainless steel parts.

I will use few case to illustrate my ideas:

Ways to reduce the price of Stainless steel castings

A European customer purchae a stainless steel castings from us, it has a complex shape and the outside surface need to do beautiful satin finish. As my customer want to sell this products outside Europe, So he wants to drastically reduce the price of the product.

In order to protect my customer’s business secret, Therefore I chose a photo of a beer tap to illustrate this case, a beer tap is a stainless steel castings with complex surface, and need to do mirror polishing.

At the begining, My customer wants to change the material to mild steel and then do a anti-rust surface treatment. He asked:“ how do you think? ” Then I replied: ” It’s not a good idea, Your products is used outdoors, If you use mild steel it will rust quickly, and your potential customer will not think this products are from Europe”.

I know that more than 40% of the cost of this parts comes from polishing and laser marking.( Our customer needs a very beautiful laser marking LOGO, completely black, so it is quite expensive). Then I told my customer do not need to change the material, we can use the electric-polishing instead of satin finsih, and can cast the logo.

Through the above methods, the price is reduced by more than 30%, and customers do not have to worry about the rust problem, We made a few samples quickly and the customer’s sales manager was very happy.

Ways to reduce the price of stainless steel turning parts

An American customer bought 304 stainless steel turned parts from us. This is a very simple product, made of stainless steel pipe. In order to drastically reduce the price of parts, he asked me to give him some suggestions:

According to the requirements of the product, we first ruled out the use of aluminum pipes, because aluminum cannot withstand higher working pressure.

  1. Use mild steel to instead of SS 304, and use high quality zink plating.
  2. Choose the lower grade stainless steel material, like 2Cr13 to instead of Stainless steel 304. of course, corrosion resistance will be reduced.

We provide few sample to customer, and he will do salt test then make a decision.


When facing fierce competition, sometimes we have to drastically reduce the price of stainless steel products. Many people’s first choice is to use mild steel instead of stainless steel. However, stainless steel has a beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance. If mild steel is used to produce your product, it also means that your product is no longer a high-end product.

I have some suggestions to reduce the price of stainless steel parts:

  • If your product is produced in a high-wage country, Then you can try to source from China. You can contact us, we are a leading machining factory in China to produce various stainless steel parts.
  • Use cheap surface treatment methods such as passivation or electrolytic polishing to replace expensive mechanical polishing (mirror or satin finish)
  • Use cheap water glass casting or composite casting to instead of expensive stainless steel precision casting
  • Try to use low-grade stainless steel materials, remember to do a salt spray test before making a decision

Welcome to contact us, We have many years of experience in producing stainless steel parts, stainless steel castings and forgings and we are very happy to answer your question