Stainless steel Welding

We are committed to providing high-quality stainless steel welded parts. As a leading CNC Machining factory, We have own in-house welding shop. Combined with our machining, welding, and inspection capability, we can provide our customers ” Finished and Good price” welded parts.

  • Method of Welding: TIG welding, also called gas tungsten arc welding
  • Welding Material: 300 and 400 Series Stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and Iron
  • Welding Fixture and Jigs: We have the ability to design and make a suitable fixture and Jigs in our factory.
  • Verticality and parallelism of welded parts:Up to ± 0.5 mm
  • Types of welding Joints: Corner Joint, Edge Joint, T Joint, Lap Joints Etc

Welded Metal Parts

We mainly produce welded stainless steel parts, Welding several stainless steel machined parts into complex-shaped parts can significantly reduce costs, We also can produce welded aluminum parts.

Welded Stainless Steel Parts
Various welded stainless steel parts

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Our Welding & Machining Capability

We have 2 Tig welding machine and 2 qualified welders. They have a wealth of welding experience. And as a leading CNC Machining shop, we have equipped a lot of advanced CNC Machine & inspection equipment. At our factory, we can quickly delivery precision welded parts

  • Quickly Delivery, We have strong machining capability to quickly produce metal parts needed for welding. Also, We can design & make a welding fixture in our factory.
  • Tight Tolerance, By welding process, we can guarantee that the verticality or parallelism is about ± 0.5 mm. If we machining the welded parts, we can achieve tighter tolerance.
Tianhui welding and machining

Benefits of Welding over Casting

  • No mold require, save time and cost
  • Welding can achieve more complex shapes than casting
  • No M.O.Q requirements
  • Depending on the shape of the product, in some cases, the welded parts are less expensive than the cast parts.
This welded part is for high-voltage switchgear products, have a thick plate and tight tolerance shaft. Obviously, It’s hard produced by the casting process. The economic way to produce it is machining the plate and shaft separately, then welded together.

If you are looking for a supplier which can produce your high-quality steel welded parts, Please feel free to contact us. Since 2007, Tianhui Machine company focused on stainless steel welding and machining, We have own machining shop, welding shop and inspection lab, And, A lot of our welded parts are used in high-voltage switchgear and bullet-trains, which demonstrate the quality of our products.