Stainless Steel Machining

Since its establishment in 2007, Tianhui Machine company has been acknowledged as one of China’sleading specialists” in stainless steel machining.

  • We are focused on stainless steel CNC Machining, So far, more than 60% of our business comes from machining stainless steel parts.
  • We produce high-performance stainless steel parts for several industry-leading companies, Which demonstrate our quality level.
  • Our high-speed CNC machining equipment is suitable for cutting, milling and finishing stainless steel, and we have advanced inspection equipment.
  • Our engineers and employees have extensive experience in machining wild range of custom stainless steel parts.
  • Very Competitive price due to high machining efficiency and large quantity raw material purchases

Stainless steel Machined parts

We have produced hundreds of different kinds of stainless steel machined parts, Not only have produced standard stainless steel parts, like stainless steel shafts, fittings, valve, pumps, fastens, adapters, brackets. But also can custom stainless steel parts for any kinds of application.

  • Various Stainless steel fittings, We can accept high mixed order and small quantities.
  • Stainless steel food processing parts, like meat grinder parts, beer faucet, etc
  • Valve and pump components
  • Auto parts, like stainless steel exhaust manifolds.
  • Construction parts, like handrail parts.
  • Machinery parts.
stainless steel parts

How to Machining Stainless steel materials

Because stainless steel is relatively hard material, During the machining process, Stainless steel will become harder and will cause chip breaking. Tianhui machine company have rich experience in machining stainless steel material, According to our experience, we believe the best way to machining Stainless is:

  • Excellent lubrication, Machining shop should use high quality cutting oil.
  • High-quality cutting tool, usually use high-speed steel cutting tool.
  • Strong and powerful fixture system.
  • Relatively slow cutting speed, For example, The turning depth for SS316 is between 1-3 mm in our factory.

Milling Stainless steel ability

With 15 sets CNC vertical machining center, we can meet customer demand for stainless steel milling. from the simplest of processes (like drilling) to complex parts with tight tolerance

  • 3 & 4 axis milling ability
  • ± 0.02 mm position, ± 0.01mm dimensional tolerance
  • Max workpiece size: 1100 x 600 x800 mm
  • Milling process: Boring, profiling, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping

Turning Stainless steel ability

With over 10 years experience, We understand the challenges and requirements on turning stainless steel, We spare no effort to ensure the highest quality lathe and operators. Therefore, we can offer customers precision stainless steel turned parts

  • 20+ CNC Lathe
  • Max turning diameter 350 mm
  • Tight turning tolerance: ± 0.01 mm
  • Smooth machined surface, Can reach Ra 0.4

Stainless Casting/Machining ability

If the stainless steel parts require a combination of investment casting and machining, We can provide excellent “one-stop-shop” services.

We have several long time cooperated investment casting suppliers, the Investment casting process can produce complex structure, precision dimension parts with competitive price. Machining stainless casting parts can significantly reduce the raw material use and machining cost.

  • We are familiar with investment casting, Our company founder and several engineers used to work in foundry before.
  • Good relationship with foundry, Purchase more than 1 million USD casting parts every year.

Stainless steel Welding/ Machining ability

We have our own welding shop and skilled welding worker. We are able to offer our customers a high standard of stainless steel welding products.

Stainless steel machining material

We have been manufacturing quality parts from stainless steel material for over 10 years. We have experience with many different grades of stainless steel like 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 303, 321, 410, 416, 420, 431, 440C, 17-4PH

  • 300 and 400 series stainless steel
  • 304, most common material, Better weldability and machinability
  • 316, Better corrosion resistant
  • 17-4PH, Excellent corrosion resistance and heat treatable
  • 440, High Carbon and high hardness.

If you are looking for a CNC Machining shop which can produce your stainless steel parts, please feel free to contact us. Because we are really good at machining stainless steel.