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Tianhui Machine company is a leading supplier and manufacturer, exporter of stainless steel custom machined parts. We specialize in providing customers with high quality, cheap price stainless steel components. including but not limited to:

stainless steel machined parts

Three capabilities required for stainless steel machined parts manufacturer.

Today, customers demand that stainless steel machined parts manufacturer provide increasingly cheaper, higher quality stainless steel parts, which poses a huge challenge for CNC machining shop like ours. therefore we need to constantly improve our capabilities:

1.Supply chain capability

In our factory, 30% of the stainless steel parts are machined from bar stock, and the remaining 70% are machined from stainless steel castings/forgings. So this requires the machining shop to have a strong, low-cost stainless steel forging and casting supplier. At the same time, the machining shop needs to have the expertise of casting and forging to understand the process, quality control and mold design.

2. Stainless steel machining capability

Stainless steel has many advantages, such as high durability and corrosion resistance, but stainless steel has high hardness and brings many difficulties to machining. Our company has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in stainless steel machining. Including designing and making the right fixture, choosing the right cutting tool, rotation speed and feed speed for machining stainless steels. We can provide tight tolerance stainless steel machined components.

stainless steel machined parts manufacturer

3. Capability to reduce the price of stainless steel machined parts

70% of our orders are driven from our competitive price. So we need to constantly reduce costs to maintain our competitive advantage. In our factory, we pay great attention to fixture design and production, and good fixtures can improve the machining efficiency of stainless steel parts. In addition, we have a good relationship with our suppliers. Due to the large quantity, we are able to obtain competitive price stainless steel castings and forgings.


If you are looking for a reliable stainless steel machined parts manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us. We work with several world-class companies to produce high quality stainless steel products. You can check out some of our select customer list, Up to now, we have exported more than 1000 different stainless steel machined parts to all over the world, including Japan, USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, etc.