Stainless Steel lost wax castings

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From July 1st, 2019 to December 31, 2019, we provide a special offer for new customers. In order to minimizes the risk for new customers, We bear up to 50% mold fee of lost wax casting parts.

  1. New customers only need to pay 50% of the mold fee once the contract is signed, and the remaining 50% will be borne by Tianhui Machine Company.
  2. For each new customer, We will bear a maximum of $1,500 in mold costs. For example, The total mold cost is $2,000, Then each party will bear $1,000; But If Total mold cost is $3,500, Then we will bear the maximum $1,500, Customer need to bear the remaining $2,000
  3. We are willing to do business through Alibaba’s “Trade Assurance“, You can leave feedback about the products and services on our Alibaba site, and you can ask money back if we failing to meet the terms of the contract, like quality, delivery time, etc.

Normally, Lost wax casting molds are made of high-quality Aluminum alloys, The dimensions and structure will determine the mold cost. After obtaining customer consent, Below shows the shape, structure, size, weight and mold cost of five typical stainless steel castings for your reference:

cover dimension

Small lost wax casting parts

Features: Thin wall thickness, The “S curve” has a slender and uniform gap

Material : Stainless steel 316

Dimension: 40 x 40 x 17 mm

Weight: 55 Gram

Original mold cost: USD 400.00 (2 cavity)

50% mold cost: USD 200.00

1.5 inch BSP Thread Flange

Features: Very simple casting parts

Material: Stainless steel 304

Dimension: 120 x 70 x 20 mm

Weight: 340 Gram

Orginal Mold cost: USD 350.00( 1 cavity)

50% Mold cost: USD 175.00

Triangular flange for Sliding Doors

Features: Complicated structure, Easy to have casting defects such as iron beans during the casting process.

Material: Stainless steel 304

Dimension: 100 x 85 x 55 mm

Weight: 370 Gram

Original Mold cost: USD 600.00(1 cavity)

50% Mold cost: USD 300.00

S90 dimension

Precision casting parts used to melting snow in Japan street

Material: Stainless steel 304

Dimension: Φ 70 x 80 x Φ 39 mm

Weight: 420 Gram

Original Mold Cost: USD 600.00( 1 cavity)

50% mold cost: USD 300.00

Meat grinder body

Features: Quite large size, Complicated inner structure, Tight tolerance

Material: Food grade Stainless steel 316

Dimension: 180 x 180 x Φ 80 mm

Weight: 2400 Gram

Orginal Mold cost: USD 900.00 (1 cavity)

50% Mold cost: USD 450.00

We produce high-quality lost wax castings

Every year, we provide large quantity complete finished lost wax casting parts to our customer. we purchase various casting blanks from several qualified suppliers, Through our “value-added services”, such as CNC Machining, Straightening, Inspection, Surface treatment. Therefore We are able to provide casting parts which can reach or even exceed customers expectation.

We always adhere to our very own commitment to only provide Quality lost wax casting parts to our customer, At our factory, We do 100% dimensional inspection for the critical size of casting parts, 100% thread inspection, and 100% appearance inspection. Because We never compromise on quality so almost all customers are happy with our products. For example, last year, we ship more than 200,000 pcs stainless steel precision castings to our second largest customer- Japan Technocraft company, They only found less than 40 pcs products with minor quality problems. The product qualification rate is greater than the 99.98% requirement set by the customer.

The Advantage of buying lost wax castings from us

  • Provide complete finished casting parts, especially the parts need precision machining. we equipped with advanced machining and inspection equipment, so we can provide tight tolerance casting parts.
  • Cooperated with several qualified foundries, some foundry are good at producing tiny parts, while some specialized in producing large parts. Therefore, We can find the most suitable foundry and can supply almost all kinds of lost wax castings which weight ranging from a few grams to tens of kilograms.
  • We only send High-Quality casting parts to our customer

How to purchase lost wax castings from us.

In general, it is very convenient for overseas customers to purchase lost wax castings from us. Our engineers and sales engineers are familiar with lost wax casting processes and engineering standards. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll get quality casting parts.

1. Send us the detail information to get the quote

Please send us the product details as much as possible,so we can quote an accurate price to you

  • 3d files(stp, step, igs, etc)
  • 2d drawing
  • Quantity
  • The critical dimension of the parts
  • The material
  • Surface treatment requirement, like polishing, electropolishing, etc
  • Heat treatment requirement
  • Hardness
  • Special inspection requirement, like pressure test, Nondestructive testing(x-ray inspection)

If the product is still in the preliminary design phase, Can’t provide the details. Just send us a rough drawing and we can still give you a rough price.

2. Make sample

If our customers are satisfied with our offer, then we can start making samples. First of all, we need to sign a mold development contract, because we now provide a special offer, so new customers only need to pay 50% of the mold fee. Once we receive the mold fee, we will start making the mold. We need a total of 25-50 days to make some samples, including make an aluminium alloy mold(15-25 days), produce few lost wax casting parts(7-10 days), CNC Machining the casting parts(2-15days), Inspection(1-3 days)

3. Inspect Sample

When the sample is finished, Firstly, we will send the dimension inspection report and product picture to the customer. Then the customer makes the decision, shall we send the sample to customer or repair or even re-make it. When the customer received the sample, please be very carefully inspect it, and tell us your comments and how you inspect the sample.

4. Place trail order to us

If customer approved the sample, then we can start to produce a trail order. We wish to establish long-term business relationships.

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By sharing up to 50% mold cost, It minimizes the risks for new customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us, let us have an opportunity to work with you, to provide high quality and competitive price investment castings to you.

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