Stainless steel CNC milled parts

Provide stainless steel CNC milled parts with accurate shape and good price.

Produce high-precision stainless steel milled parts are our daily business. We produce a wide range of shapes, materials and designs, mainly are stainless steel 304, 316 small and middle sized milled parts. We not only provide reliable milling parts for our customers, but also do our best to reduce our customers’ sourcing costs.

stainless steel milled parts
stainless steel milled plate

Precision stainless steel CNC milled parts can be used in the power industry, food processing industry, test and measurement equipment, automotive industry and a range of other equipment. We are very proud that our milled and turned parts are used in our customers’ world-class products.

Our production technology covers a wide range of application possibilities. So we are able to produce micro, small, medium and large milled parts with a minimum tolerance of ±0.01 mm. At the same time, we can provide heat treatment, surface treatment, polishing, grinding, laser marking and other services for milled parts.

Fast delivery of customized milled parts

In today’s era, our customers require manufacturer can quickly deliver small batches of customized milled parts. And this officially our advantage. We ensure that your milled parts reach the position you specify at the right time with the desired quality.

With our many years of experience and technology, and with our most advanced equipment and qualified staff. We can provide detailed advice and solutions for your milling and turning parts, and can quickly produce small batches of complex shapes according to your requirements.

stainless steel turned and milled fitting
stainless steel 316 milling and turning fittings

Tianhui Machine company, as a professional stainless steel machining shop in China, has provide more than 1,000 different kinds stainless steel machined parts, Whether you need a very large number of stainless steel milled parts, or small batches, customized parts, we can quickly deliver high-precision milled parts.