Precision cast snowmelt parts

snow melting parts

Material: stainless steel 304

Process: investment casting, welding, CNC turning

Weight: around 0.5Kg



In Japan, there is a lot of snow in winter. The snow on the road will seriously hinder traffic, so Japanese engineers invented the method of pumping groundwater to melt snow on the road. They have buried a lot of nozzles under the road surface, which will evenly spill groundwater on the road to melt the snow.

We produce nozzles that are buried under the road. These products require high reliability, require years of trouble-free operation, and are subject to groundwater corrosion and need to withstand the pressure of the vehicle.

Therefore, customers have very high requirements on product quality and do not allow any casting and machining defects. Over the years, our product qualification rate has been over 99.9%

japan snow melting parts

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