Precision Machining Company in China

As a precision machining company, We specalized in producing custom precision machined parts. Machining critical components to Industry leading companies have shown our Precision machining ability.

With over 10 years experience in precision machining , we offer a wide range of machined parts for the energy, food processing, automotive, bullet train and machinery markets.

We can machine small, medium, and large parts to exact dimension and tight tolerance, the typical machining tolerance from  +/- 0.005mm-0.05mm.

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Precision Machining and inspection Equipment

We offer precision CNC machining services with our world brand CNC machining equipment, As a precision machining company in China, We have 15 sets 3 & 4 Axis CNC machining center & 20 sets cnc lathe, And we mainly purchase Japanese or American branded cutter tools,  Which allows us to deliver high-quality as well as on-demand precision machined components.

And we have advanced inspection equipment like CMM, projector, And we do gauge calibration every year.

Precision machining company

Experienced and skilled Engineer and Workers

We specialize in the production of custom machined parts and we produce more than 1,000 different kinds of machined parts per year. This allows our workers and engineers to have more experience than many other Chinese precision machining company.

In recent years, we have produced machined parts for leading companies such as Siemens. Through cooperation, our employees have learned how to produce and inspect high-quality machined parts to meet industry-leading company requirements.

training from Siemens experts


Tight Machining tolerance

Machining tolerance means the dimension range that can be meet by CNC Machining, Machining tolerances may be affected by a number of factors. such as fixture design & produce, raw material, machining equipment & cutters, inspection equipment, and workers skill. The machining tolerance are vary from factory to factory. Some factory may be specialized in small aluminum parts, and others could be more professional in larger stainless steel parts.

Generally, Machining tolerances can be devide into Linear Tolerances and Geometric Tolerances. If not specified, We follow ISO 2768 standard to produce the machined parts, we can reach ISO2768-mk & ISO2768-f standard.

Precision CNC Turning Tolerance:

Linear tolerance: Machining tolerance grade: IT 6-7

Flatness:Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

straightness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

Cylindricity:Machining tolerance grade: IT 5-6

Surface roughness:  For Turning process, we can reach Ra 0.8- 3.2 for metal material, Ra 0.4-1.6 for plastic material. For facing process, we can reach Ra1.6-6.3 for metal material and Ra 0.2-0.8 for plastic. For Boring process, We can reach Ra 0.4-0.8 for metal and Ra0.2-0.4 For plastic.

Precision CNC Milling tolerance:

Linear tolerance: Machining tolerance grade: IT 6-10

Flatness:Machining tolerance grade: IT 7-8

straightness: Machining tolerance grade: IT 7-8

Surface roughness: Ra 0.8-3.2

Machining tolerance grade IT