Investment Casting

Investment casting is an industrial process based on lost-wax casting, is also called precision casting. Unlike other casting processes, investment casting produces net shape parts with a smooth surface and dimensional accuracy. At Tianhui Machine company, We produce a lot of machining and investment casting part with very competitive price.

machining and investment casting parts

Buy Machined investment casting parts from us

If you want to buy complete finished machining and investment casting parts, you may consider us.

Although we are a CNC machining factory, Buy machining and investment casting parts from us maybe a better choice. Because:

  1. In China, Most investment casting foundry is specialized in the production of certain castings, some foundry specialized in producing large casting parts, and others are more professional on small and thin wall thickness products. Now we have several qualified investment casting suppliers, We can choose the most suitable casting foundry to produce your parts.
  2. Because we are a big buyer of our suppliers, even you place a small order to us, our supplier will produce the investment casting parts.
  3. Before to establish this company, Our boss and quality manager were a senior engineer at a leading China investment casting foundry. We are very familiar with the entire casting process.
  4. Compare to investment casting foundry, We have more sophisticated inspection equipment. and we have a stricter quality standard for casting parts.
  5. We have provided many machining and investment casting parts, we have a richer experience than some foundry.

Our investment casting supplier

In our city, There used to be more than 300 investment casting foundry, We have visited almost all casting foundries and have worked with dozens of them. Now, We have around 10 investment casting suppliers, Those suppliers can provide high quality and competitive price castings to us.

Casting Foundry good at producing small castings

This supplier specialized in producing tiny, small casting parts. They can produce small casting parts with the complex shape or have thin wall thickness.

stainless steel investment casting foundry

Investment casting supplier professional on Medium and Large casting parts.

This supplier has over 200 employees, They are mainly producing medium and large parts like pump parts, valve parts. We have worked with them for over 8 years.

China investment casting foundry produce large parts

What kinds of machining and investment casting parts we can produce?

Cooperate with our qualified investment casting suppliers, We can produce almost all kinds of machining and casting parts. From heavy valve body to very small sewing machine parts, From mirror polished bracket to car exhaust manifolds.

But we still can’t produce all the products, Limited by our equipment and capabilities, some products we cannot produce. The following is a detailed description of our capabilities for your reference:

Investment casting Material:

Our investment casting supplier can produce various Stainless steels, carbon steels and alloy steels casting parts, we can’t produce aluminum investment castings, Detail pls see below table.

investment casting part's material

Investment casting part weight:

We can produce small, medium, and large size investment casting parts, casting part weight from 2 Gram to 70 Kg, Detail pls see below table:

investment casting part's weight

Investment casting part’s Linear Tolerance

For Normal size, We can reach CT5-CT7 casting tolerance. For premium size, we can reach CT4-CT7 casting tolerance, please see below table. We can also follow USA ICI casting tolerance and Germany VDG P690 casting tolerance standard.


Casting part’s Wall Thickness

It’s not easy to produce thin wall thickness casting parts, Thanks to the advance of investment casting technology, Now we can easily produce 2 mm thickness casting parts, Minimum wall thickness we can do is 1 mm, but only for a small area.

We can produce Wall thickness from 1 mm to 2 mm parts But need to check with us first.

Surface Roughness of investment casting part

We can produce Investment castings with a smooth surface, we could easily reach Ra 6-7 for casting parts.

Casting part’s Hole Depth

There are 2 kinds of hole in the investment casting process, Through hole and Blind Hole. Make a hole by casting process could save the raw material use and machining cost, so hole depth is quite important.

through hole depth for investment casting

blind hole depth for investment casting process


Minimum hole diameter is 2 mm.
Easily achieved hole depth is mean by the normal investment casting process.
Achievable hole depth is mean by using preformed ceramic cores during the casting process, This will increase cost and require a large quantity.

The best way to produce stainless steel casting parts is an investment casting process. Please feel free to contact us.