Forging and Machining Services

We mainly produces small and medium-sized hot (drop) forging and machining parts. Hot (drop) forging, also known as closed-die forging, can produce complex geometries, near-net-shape forgings.

Hot Forging Suppliers

We have a number of leading hot forging suppliers offering precision steel or aluminum forged parts. these suppliers are equipped with friction presses from 280 to 1600 tons, with heat treatment furnaces and various inspection equipment. Some suppliers supply precision forgings directly to Fortune 500 companies.

China hot forging supplier

steel and aluminum forging


Steel Hot Forging and Machining Ability:

Compared with the steel casting process, the steel forging process can refine the grain structure of the steel, avoid casting defects and improve product strength.  So it is very suitable for producing high-performance machined parts.

Our steel forging suppliers can do open die forging and closed die forging, forging almost all steels such as stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel.

For steel hot forging processes, our suppliers are able to produce forged parts up to 100 kg. If the shape of the forged part is complex, the maximum weight limit is 70 kg. At the same time, the plan view area of the steel forgings does not exceed 0.5 square meters.(Plan View Area – the area upon which the forging pressure would be applied to fabricate the die forging)

omplex shape forging and machining parts


We produce trunnion support with complex shapes and the weight of the product is 17 kg. The product’s process is closed die forging, machining, and nickel plating.

steel torque wrench body by forging and machining process

We manufacture torque wrench components for a well-known Japanese torque wrench factory with a weight of 160 grams. The process is hot forging, machining, and nickel plating.

Aluminum Hot Forging and Machining Ability:

Today, due to the advantages of lightweight and good mechanical properties, more and more customers choose aluminum forging. Forged aluminum products are used in many industries, such as aircraft, aerospace, automotive, construction, military, marine, petrochemical.

Therefore, some of our forging suppliers specialize in the production of aluminum forged parts, and they have accumulated experience and expertise in providing high-quality aluminum forgings.

Our aluminum forging supplier can produce aluminum forgings weighing up to 35 kg. And the aluminum forgings plan view area is also no more than 0.5 square meters.

CNC Machining and forging clamp

Aluminum Forging add oil parts


Cold Forging and Machining Ability:

Forging according to the temperature of the blank during processing can be divided into cold forging and hot forging. Cold forging is generally processed at room temperature.

Compare to hot forgings, Cold forgings have good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy, which can reduce a lot of CNC machining processes.

The cold forging process can achieve high dimensional accuracy.  In general, the cold forging accuracy is comparable to the machining accuracy, Which can save a lot of machining cost than hot forging process.

cold forging and machining coil holder


Cold forging coil holder, Only need a few machining processes, which can save a lot of costs