Provide Various Custom Machined Parts to Our customer.

Our company are very good at producing various custom machined parts. Below shows some our select customer and the custom machined parts we produced for thier products.



1. Producing various high quality custom machined parts to SIEMENS company

We are producing critical components for a SIEMENS company for their world-class high voltage switchgear products.Those components require exact specification, high reliability and high wear resistant.

Most of those components require X-ray inspection or Magnetic particle inspection after casting or forging process, Require CMM, Image measuring instrument to do a dimensional inspection.Require high standard heat treatment like high-frequency induction hardening, Nitrocarburizing.

Now we are producing 100+ different kinds cnc machined parts for them , last year total sales revenue more than 1.5 million USD.

Producing critical components for a Fortune 500 company has demonstrated the level of quality and services we offer.


2. Provide large quantity stainless steel custom machining and casting parts to Japan Technocraft company

Technocraft, a Japan engineering & trading company. Technocraft has been worked with us at very beginning, and is always one of our largest customer

As we all know, Japanese customers have very strict requirements on product quality.We do our best to meet their requirements and continue to help our customer to expand their business.

Through Technocraft, we are producing various machining and casting  parts to several famous Japan Company.


3. Custom machined parts for kitchen application products

JOYOUNG( 002242), China kitchen application giant, we have been working with Joyoung company for more than 7 years. 

We provide large quantity machined parts to Joyong for their kitchen application products, like stainless steel machined and casting parts, Aluminum machined and casting parts


4. Precison machining iron sand casting OEM Auto parts 

BYD(002594), China leading new energy Auto company. We are BYD company's sub-supplier.

we are producing large planet carrier( iron sand casting parts with precision machining )for their new energy bus. The planet carrier require very small machining tolerance and 100% inspection


5.Precision custom machining parts for China bullet train

CRRC(601766), China bullet train manufacturer.

We are producing several kinds of stainless steel Precision machining parts for their bullet train. Some parts are critical sensor's bracket. Those parts have very small machining tolerance


6.Machining Investment casting  valve body to leading valve company

We are producing various kinds knife gate valve body( stainless steel investment casting with precision machining ) to them, From DN40 to DN 300.

Valve body is the crtical parts for gate valve, It's not easy to produce gate valve body especially for big ones, the main chanllenge is to control the deformation and tolerance.

7. Producing various custom machining parts to a China big trading company

We have worked with this China big trading company for more than 5 years, We provide various CNC machining parts according to their drawings. Those parts mainly sold to USA and European market. Mainly are aluminum forging and machined parts, stainless steel casting and machining parts