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heat treatment for CNC Machining parts

Why do you need heat treatment during machining?

At our CNC Machining shop, Many machined parts  require heat treatment, mainly for the following purposes:
A. Eliminate the casting stress of the material, the purpose is to obtain more stable processing size and precision;
B. Improve the cutting performance of the parts, the purpose of which is to process more efficiently, process quality and processing cost in the process of parts processing;
C. Improve the rigidity, hardness and wear resistance of the parts.

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aluminum die casting supplier

Aluminum Die Casting supplier

Our aluminum die-casting supplier has been working with us for more than 5 years. Their management has previously operated die-casting mold factories, so they have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing die-casting molds. They have 8 set aluminum die-casting equipment, simple machining equipment, and an automatic painting line

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China sand casting supplier

China Sand Casting Supplier

We have produced various Machined sand casting parts for our customer, our China sand casting supplier can provide green sand casting, shell mold casting, and resin sand casting process.

They can choose manual casting or automatic casting according to the shape and quantity of the product. The Manual sand casting is suitable for produce low quantity/complex structure, especially uses of the cores. The automatic sand casting is suitable for producing large quantity parts, Normally it has better casting quality than manual casting line.

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