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We are a leading CNC Machining Shop in China

Tianhui machine company is a reliable and well-organized CNC Machining shop in China. Since 2007, We have produced over 1,000 different kinds of custom CNC Machined parts.

Currently, Our machining shop covers an area of 6,500 square meters and has 65 employees.  After years of hard work, we are now has become one of the leading CNC Machining shop in China. Equipped with advanced machining equipment, So we can machine small, medium and large parts to exact shape and tight tolerance.

Our company has not only passed ISO9001 quality management certification,  but also has passed the factory audit of several leading companies. Now we are producing a lot of critical components for them. Such like a high-speed bullet train parts, high-voltage switchgear parts, OEM and aftermarket Auto spare parts etc.

Our customer spanning several countries around the world, Including several Fortune 500 companies, Industry leading companies and many small and midsize company like us. We are proud that 90%+ our customers are quite satisfied with us and 80%+ business comes from repeat customers.

Work together with 100+ qualified local suppliers, We are integrated with Casting, Forging, Machining, Inspection, Heat treatment, Surface treatment. Therefore we can provide complete finished machined parts to customers.


Why choose us to produce your custom Machined parts?

1. Producing critical components to industry-leading companies have shown our quality level.

2. We have more than 10 years of experience in producing a wide range of custom machined parts, and our employees are familiar with the engineering standards and quality requirements of overseas customers.

3. High customer satisfaction, Therefore more than 80% business from repeat customers, some relationship were established more than years ago.

4. We are factory, 70%+ of our orders are driven from our competitive price

5. One-stop shop services,  We can provide rough or finished products to customers.

6. Our factory work 2 shifts/day, at least 6 days/week. we can deliver goods on time.


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