Stainless steel Sand casting + Machining, Significantly reduce the stainless steel parts prices

stainless steel sand casting

Due to the light, the product photos above do not look like stainless steel, but this product is indeed stainless steel material

At the begining of this year, I think almost all overseas customers have received their China supplier’s notification, “Due to the high raw material price, we want to increase the product price”.

As a leading China stainless steel machining factory, We are also facing such a problem, how to keep our stainless steel products competitive?Now, I want to introduce stainless steel sand casting process to you, which can reduce stainless steel parts cost a lot.

High Raw Material Price

Compared with March last year, the prices of almost all metal raw materials have risen by more than 30%:

For example, Avearage steel price in March 2020 is RMB 3800/Ton, Now is almost RMB 5300/Ton, Steel prices have risen by 39% in one year. Therefore, for some products, which the price is mainly made of steel, such as fasteners. This year’s product prices are more than 35% higher than last year.

A similar situation exists with other metal materials such as aluminum, copper, and zinc. Since November last year, prices have risen rapidly.

So, Both factory and customers are facing same big problem, how to reduce the product cost?

Choose Stainless steel Sand Casting Process Can significatly reduce the product price.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to reduce the price of stainless steel parts:

  1. Move to a low-wage country,For example, In our factory, The hourly salary of a senior mechanic is about US$4.7 an hour.

2. Choose investment casting or forging process to reduce the use of stainless steel raw material

3. Use cheap sand casting process to instead of expensive investment casting process.

Now, the price of stainless steel 304 casting raw materials has risen from last year’s $1.4/kg to the current $ 2.0/kg,so the price of stainless steel investment casting parts has also risen by 10% recently. So this makes many customers willing to consider using stainless steel sand casting process to produce their parts.

Compared to the investment casting process, Stainless steel sand casting process has huge cost advantages.

  • The price of stainless steel 304 investment castings is about USD7.0/kg
  • while Stainless steel 304 sand casting parts price is about USD 4.0/kg.

Although the stainless steel sand casting process unable to produce the small/thin wall thickness/ precision dimension stainless steel parts yet, Due to the huge price advantage, we believe that the stainless steel sand casting process will have a very broad prospect in the future.

If you want to know more about stainless steel sand casting, Please feel free to contact me, I would like to share my experience with you. Send email to: [email protected]