Review of China’s stainless steel machining & casting industry in 2020

The past 2020 was very special for everyone, and many people had a very difficult life. We sincerely hope that everyone will be healthy in this new year.

Shrinking orders, lack of employees and falling product prices-these are the main difficulties for China’s stainless steel casting industry in 2020

We visited many of our stainless steel casting suppliers. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, orders from overseas customers have shrunk severely, and most of the stainless steel precision casting plants have a capacity utilization rate of less than 70%.

In addition, the foundry is also facing the problem of lack employee . Many young Chinese workers are unwilling to work in the foundry, which makes many foundries have to invest in automatic casting equipment.

And due to the shrinking orders, in order to win orders, the stainless steel foundries had to reduce prices. Compared with 2019, the price of stainless steel castings in 2020 has been reduced by about 5%, which makes many foundries have large losses in 2020.

Still very busy –China Stainless steel machining industry in 2020.

In 2020, many well-managed stainless steel machining factories are still very busy. For example, in our factory, we can only take two days off a month, with two shifts a day.

Although the machining of stainless steel castings has greatly decreased, the machining of aluminum alloy parts has increased a lot, especially aluminum alloy forged parts. Thanks to the explosive growth of the electric motorcycle industry, our factory has machined many aluminum alloy electric motorcycle parts this year.

For factories like us who are good at machining stainless steel and other hard alloy, machining aluminum alloy is a very simple matter, and we can also machine aluminum alloy well.

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