How to choose a reliable stainless steel machining supplier in China?


When you are looking for a stainless steel machining supplier, it is very important to cooperate with a reliable company. So how to choose a reliable stainless steel machining supplier in China? There are a few things to pay attention to:

1.Choose Trading company or Machining shop?

In China, there are many machining shops and trading companies that sell and produce stainless steel machined parts. The buyer should have an in-depth understanding of whether the company contacted is a factory or a trader. Generally speaking, the factory can provide you with the most competitive price. After placing an order, you can check the production status in time. In addition, you can also visit the factory directly to discuss the production process with the engineers to ensure that the quality of the received product meets your requirements.

However, if the supplier is a trading company, communication or language is their advantage for cooperation with you. But the price will be relatively high.

In summary, choosing a machining shop is more in line with the interests of buyers.

2. Stainless steel Machining Capability

Buyers should choose a suitable supplier based on their advantages. In other words, what kind of machined products the factory produces is professional. For example, If you need stainless steel machining services, then it is best to choose a factory whose main business is stainless steel machining.

Customers can inspect the supplier’s machining capabilities from the following aspects:

  • Supplier should have state-of-the-art machining equipment and inspection instructment, such as machining center, CNC Lathe, cutting tools, CMM etc
  • In supplier workshops and sample rooms, the proportion of stainless steel products should at least be greater than 50%. This is very important, it proves that this supplier is good at machining stainless steel products.

3. Value-add Services

In this era, it is not enough for suppliers to have strong machining capabilities. Also the suppliers must be able to provide customers with other value-added services. Including but not limited to:

4. Afer sales Services

The delivery of stainless steel parts does not mean that the cooperation has been completed. A good after-sales service factory will be your reliable and long-term business partner. After-sales service is not only to replace bad quality products, but also to modify the design and optimize the process. Once you find that the original design is not ideal, you can ask the supplier to assist you in redesigning the product. A good supplier can take the initiative to optimize the product process, such as changing stainless steel casting parts into forged parts to improve product quality and reduce product prices . With excellent after-sales service, Tianhui Machine Company have won the recognition of our customers, and most of our customers are willing to continue to cooperate with us.


For buyers, it is not easy to choose a reliable Chinese stainless steel machining supplier. We recommend that buyers choose these types of suppliers:

  • Prefer the factory as your supplier.
  • The factory should goot at machining stainless steel parts, at least 50% of their products are stainless steel products.
  • The machining equipment and inspection equipment are suitable to produce your stainless steel parts
  • Good reputation, Can provide good after-sales service

Most buyers may pay more attention to pricing, but in most cases, low prices always have an adverse effect on high quality. We aim to provide customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a good supplier, please contact us.