An efficient way to clean, deburr metal parts

Our customers expect to receive products with beautiful appearance and precise dimensions. As a CNC machining shop, One of the difficulties we face is how to efficiently remove burrs and stains on metal parts.

The traditional method is to manually remove the burrs on the metal parts, and then ultrasonically clean the product.

But there are several disadvantages:

  • Removal of burrs consumes a lot of labor and increases product prices
  • Incomplete burr removal, leading to customer complaints
  • Hard to remove the welding spot.

Recently, we bought a magnetic polish instructment. It can efficiently deburring and cleaning the metal parts. please see below viedo:

This instrument helped us a lot,It can be used to clean and deburr the stainless steel, Aluminum, or Copper parts.

  • After our test, this instrument can remove almost all burrs, such as burrs in threads
  • Can clean the welded spot.
  • Can replace pickling and electrolytic polishing

If you have any question, welcome to contact us.