Machined and welded stainless steel Machine Arm

stainless steel machined and welded machine arm

Recently, we produced a batch of stainless steel machine arm parts for a Canadian customers. These stainless steel machine arms are used in industrial robots and require high dimensional accuracy and strength.

Based on the shape and use of this product, we believe that the best production method is to machine stainless steel parts first, and then weld several parts together.

We precision machining the front end of the machine arm, Then welded it together with the suqare stainless steel tube. So this product has both accurate size and competitive price

Our factory is a leading Stainless steel machining shop in China, we are good at machining stainless steel parts. Meanwhile, we have strong welding ability, we can produce stainless steel machined and welded parts, Quantity can from several pcs to Thousands.