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Ningbo Tianhui Machine company are producing alloy steel Disc cam for our customer- SIEMENS company, These disc cams are important components of high voltage switchgear products. If the quality of this disc cam is not good, even small cracks can lead to catastrophic consequences, such as large-scale power outages. Therefore, we strictly produce and inspect the cam according to Siemens standards to ensure that each cam is qualified.

Disc cam installed in high-voltage switchgear
Our cams are mounted on Siemens high voltage switchgear

What is Disc Cam?

Disc cam, also known as Radial cam or Plate Cam. It is the most common used cam.

The cam is a mechanical component for the cam and the follower mechanism. Cam and follower mechanisms are used in a variety of machines to transfer motion from a cam to a follower in a particular direction. The cams have different profiles and can be rotated and reciprocated. According to the shape, the Cam can be divided into several kinds, but the most common used cam is Disc or Radial cam and Cylindrical cam.

In disc cam, The follower move as per the shape of cam or cam profile in perpendicular direction to the cam axis. There is always surface contact between cam profile and follower by spring force or gravity force.

How to manufacture the alloy steel Disc cam?

Some kind of radial cam has very simples shape, they are just machined from a piece of steel plate. While we are manufacture quite complicated disc cam, with complicated shape and complex processing.

The following picture briefly describes how we manufacture the custom radial/disc cams:

1. Making Disc cam’s casting blank

As you can see, Our radial/disc cam has complicated shape, Therefore we use lost wax casting process to save the raw material usage and machining cost.

During lost wax casting process, We need to overcome 2 technical challenges, There are deformation and casting defects. Because of the heavy weight, the casting blank is easily deformed during casting process, Therefore, it is necessary to use all technical methods to reduce the deformation and correct the cam by straightening process. In addition, we need to try our best to avoid casting defects, such as cracks.

2. Machining the alloy steel Disc Cam

After receiving the casting blanks, then we precision machine the radial cam, which including the Boring, Broaching, and Milling. Because our disc cams is installed in a high-voltage switchgear products, so it requires the disc cam has exact shape and tiny tolerance.

Disc cam

3. Non-destruction inspection

Our customers do not accept any internal or near-surface cracks in disc cam. So we use non-destruction test such like X-ray or MPI to find the cracks.

Our factory equipped MPI machine, we can do MPI test in our own factory, Normally after the rough milling. MPI is a very sensitive and effective ways to find the surface or near surface cracks. At our factory, A radial cam product requires at least 2 non-destructive tests, Therefore we can guarantee send qualified products to our customer.

4. High frequency induction hardening

Because there is always a surface contact between cam profile and follower. So it’s very necessary to strengthen the cam profile. High-frequency induction hardening can enhance the profile hardness. But in China, very few heat treatment factory can do qualified high-frequency induction hardening.

High quality alloy steel disc cam China manufacturer

We have the expertise and ability to produce high quality custom disc cam, We have a well-cooperated supplier to provide high quality casting and heat treatment services, and our engineers have extensive experience. we also do strict inspection, including dimensional inspection and non-destruction test. So if you are looking for a factory can produce your custom disc cam, please feel free to contact us.