Stainless steel machined luxury standoffs for shower doors

stainless steel machined luxury standoffs

Tianhui machine company machining staninless steel luxury standoffs for shower doors. We can also produce all kinds of standard, non-standard glass standoffs for our customers, Can be casting standoffs or full machined stand offs.

The traditional glass standoff structure is simple and consists of a barrel and a cap. While this luxurious stainless steel standoff we produce for our customers has a more complex structure and is made up of several stainless steel parts with high precision.

We can produce standard and custom standoffs, including the round and suqare standoffs, tube style standoffs, slot mount standoffs. Size from 1/2″ to 2″, Material could be stainless steel or Aluminum, or Copper.

Our company good at machining stainless steel materials, so many customer choose us to produce their stainless steel machined parts. So if you are looking a cnc machining shop to produce your stainless steel parts, please feel free to contact us.