Stainless steel bespoke machining, casting services

stainless steel bespoke machining

To meet the growing demand for stainless steel bespoke parts, We, Tianhui machine company have strong in-house stainless steel bespoke machining, Casting, welding ability. with over 10 years of experience in the bespoke machining industry, we can provide almost all kinds of bespoke metal parts.

Bespoke Machining ability

Bespoke machining, also called custom machining. Different from a machining shop produces the standard parts ( such as car parts, pipe fittings), A bespoke machining shop mainly produces low volume, high mixed and high diversity parts. Like our factory, Every month, we produce over 100 different kinds, different material machined parts. So our engineers and workers have rich experience to produce your metal bespoke parts.

Jig & Fixture

Design and manufacture suitable jig according to the shape and material of the product.

3 & 4 axis Milling

We have 15 sets CNC center, can do precision cnc milling


More than 20 sets CNC and Traditional lathe, can turning small and large parts.


The Broaching process can make odd shapes with precision dimension, and compared to other machining processes, It can save a lot of costs and suitable for mass production


TIG welding method, In-house welding.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Suitable for cleaning stainless steel machined parts.

Laser Marking

Have a laser marking machine, can marking any kinds of logo on your products


Strong dimensional inspection ability, can do CMM inspection. Image measuring inspection

Also can do non-destruction test like magnetic particle inspection


We have several long-time cooperated investment casting supplier. they can produce large or small stainless steel casting parts

If the bespoke parts require combination of investment casting and machining, We can provide excellent “one-stop-shop” services.