How to produce a stainless steel Beer Faucet?

316 beer faucet

Beer faucet also called beer tap, It is a critical compoents you need to enjoy a cold draft beer. At Tianhui Machine company, we can produce a high-standard and beautiful stainless steel 316L beer faucet for customer.

There are 2 kinds of beer faucet, Brass faucet with chrome plated and stainless steel faucet. Obviously, Stainless steel is better and expensive than brass faucet. Normally, In the same size and shape, stainless steel beer faucet are twice as expensive as brass. This is because stainless steel casting and machining cost is much higher than brass.

The Production Process of stainless steel beer faucet

Due to the complex shape, the most economical production method is to use the investment casting process to produce beer faucets. Investment casting is means pouring melton stainless steel into molds for solidification, thus to achieve a solid stainless steel component in the desired shape.

So the first step is investment casting, Below picture shows the beer faucet castings, The casting parts look black because it has not been acid washing.

Now we got the casting parts, the second step is machining the stainless steel casting parts. we do not need machining the outside surface, we mainly machining the internal structure to obtain a smooth inner surface and tight tolerances.

the interal structure of beer faucet

The third step is mirror polishing the outside surface, because of complex shape, It’s not easy to polishing the beer faucet.

After mirror polishing, You saw that we turned a black casting into a beautiful and precise artwork.

But this is not enough, the last step is assembling, we need to assemble other metal parts and plastic parts into a complete finished beer faucet.

316 beer faucet

If you are looking for stainless beer faucet or other stainless steel food processing parts, Please feel free to contact us. we can provide food-grade stainless steel parts and can produce parts according to your drawing or sample. so let’s talk to us.