Stainless steel fittings

316 hose fittings

Tianhui Machine produces hundreds of different kinds of stainless steel fittings, including pipe fittings, hose fittings, Forged pipe fittings, Casted fittings, High-pressure threaded fittings, etc.

  • Common Material: Stainless steel 304,304L, 316, 316L
  • Thread type: Metric, BSP, NPT, NPTF, PT, SAE
  • Accept high mixed and small quantity order

Since 2007, we focused on stainless steel machining, We have produced hundreds of different kinds of high-quality stainless hose fittings, Pipe nipples, high-pressure threaded fittings to several customers. Those stainless fittings are widely used in:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Hydraulic industry
  • Pneumatic industry
  • Auto industry


1.Can you produce carbon steel fittings?

Yes, we can. We mainly machining stainless steel material. but we also have the ability to produce carbon steel fittings with zink plated, or brass fittings, and Aluminum fittings.

Carbon steel hose fittings, yellow zink plated

2. Can I buy fittings from your stock?

No, We only produce fittings according to our customer’s order, Basically, we are a custom machining shop, We don’t and will not build a stock system

3. If I tell you the article no of fittings, can you produce it?

No, we can’t. We must receive your drawing or sample.

4. How you inspect the thread ?

We use thread gauge, we have a lot of commonly used thread gauge, Normally, we do not need a customer to provide thread gauge to us. However, if the thread gauge model is special, such as particularly large, or particularly precise, we will ask the customer to provide it.

5. Can you provide material certification?

Yes, we can. we buy stainless steel bar stocks from several famous China steel plant. they provide material certification with their steel. If we produce casted or forged fittings, our casting or forging supplier will also provide the Spectral test report to us.

6. Can you laser marking the logo on the fitting?

Yes, we can, we just purchase laser marking machine.

laser marking the logo on the stainless steel fittings

Our advantage of producing stainless steel fittings

  • High quality, we have strict quality control ability, our stainless fittings with tight tolerance and nice look.
  • We can produce casted or forged fittings.
  • Very competitive price. Purchase fittings from machining shop can save a lot of costs.

If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce your fittings, Whether it’s stainless steel, or copper, aluminum or even plastic. Just talk to us, and we will reply you within 48 hours.