Buy Machining metal Castings from US

At Tianhui Machine company, We are good at machining of various kinds of metal casting parts. Machining metal castings are our major products. Worked with over 20 qualified local casting foundry, We can machining steel investment casting parts, machining cast aluminum parts, Machining iron sand cast components…

Why we are good at machining metal casting parts?

Before establishing Tianhui Machine company, Our boss and several engineers were working in an investment casting foundry. They are very familiar with the casting process.  In the beginning, our factory is mainly CNC machining investment casting parts for foundries. for more than decades, we have been producing large quantity machining metal castings. We know which foundry is suitable for producing your products, and we are a big buyer of foundries, we can get cheap price castings than many other machining factories or trading companies.

And because we are familiar with both casting and machining process, Our engineers are deeply involved in the entire casting process, from the tooling design to gate place, We work with the foundry to determine these technical details. This ensures that we get qualified metal casting parts for further machining.

machining metal casting gate valve

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Machining metal Castings

Machining conjunction with casting create huge benefits:

  1. Save cost, Precision casting minimizes material waste and machining cost, usually only need machining few places to get tight tolerance.
  2. Quick delivery for batch production parts
  3. Machining process reveal casting parts defects, so we can deliver high-quality finished products to customer

The disadvantage:

  1. Casting parts are not suitable for small quantity order
  2. Casting parts need to develop tooling before production, develop tooling and produce few samples need more time than just machining process.

Why casting parts need further Machining process?

Modern casting process can produce precision casting parts, some casting process like investment casting or die casting can produce near-net-shape casting parts. But improve the dimensional accuracy of castings is quite expensive or can’t be achieved. Machining capability provides manufacturing flexibility, Conjunction with casting process to create tight tolerance parts with competitive price.

Beside to create tight tolerance, Machining is very easy to make thread or hole while casting process is very hard to achieve.