Provide 3&4 axis CNC Milling services

Tianhui Machine company have 15 sets 3 axis, 4 axis CNC center, can provide precision CNC milling services to our customer. At our ISO 9001 Certified machining shop, we can produce a complex shape, tight tolerance CNC milling parts.

Our knowledge of custom precision stainless steel machining, as well as high quality and quick delivery time, make us become a reliable partner of companies of each and every size, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Our factory can not only milling from stainless steel bar stock, but also from castings or forgings. Milling from castings and forgings can reduce the waste of metal materials and the cost of CNC milling. So combined with the advantages of CNC milling and forging and casting, we can produce a wide range of milling parts at very competitive prices.

CNC Machining in China
CNC Milling

Introduction of CNC Milling Operation

Milling is a  machining process by which a surface of a workpiece is removed by the rotary cutter, Normally the workpiece remains stationary, and the milling cutter is fed to the work. but sometimes, the workpiece is fed into a rotating cutting tool.

There are 2 broad categories milling operation-face milling and peripheral milling, Each has many variations. In Tianhui Machine company, Our engineer familiar with various milling operations, and our company have purchased lots of different milling cutters, most milling cutters are Japan and European brand. with advanced CNC center and milling cutter, we can do almost all milling operation in our factory

Precision CNC Milling services

Besides the competitive price, We are also famous for our precision milling capability. We can mill stainless steel, alloy steel and Aluminum parts to small tolerance, For milling parts, We can reach 0.005mm tolerance. And because we are producing CNC Machining parts to several Fortune 500 companies, which also demonstrate our precision milling capabilities.

Our factory has produced many kinds of stainless steel milled parts, Those products are used in high-voltage switchgear, bullet train, electricity bus.

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