We produce High-quality CNC Turned parts

Fine stainless steel turned rear insert

At Ningbo Tianhui Machine company, We are committed to producing high-quality CNC turned parts, We can turning small, medium, large parts to accurate dimension and fine surface finish.

Over the years, We have produced various kinds of precision turned parts to our customer, Like Hose fittings, Shaft, Flange. Many CNC turning parts are export to European, North American market. We can CNC turning almost all materials, like stainless steel, Alloy steels, Aluminum.

We have equipped with advanced CNC Lathe

The CNC Lathe is one of the most useful and versatile machines in the machining workshop and is capable of carrying out a wide variety of machining operation. Our factory has over 20 set CNC lathe, including 3 sets slant-bed lathe, those slant-bed lathes have quick change tool holder, which can hold 18 cutting tools.

China CNC Turning

Various Turning operation and cutting tools

Cutting tools are very important for turning parts quality, We mainly purchase Japan, European brand cutting tools. We can do a various cutting operation on metal parts, below picture shows the variety of cutting tools and cutting operation on a lathe.

different kinds of cnc turning tools

  1. Recess or internal grooving
  2. Internal threading
  3. Internal Facing
  4. Internal turning
  5. &6.Facing
  6. Facing
  7. Fine turning with nose radius tool
  8. Facing and turning
  9. Thread cutting
  10. Turning
  11. Turning
  12. Threading
  13. Left hand turning
  14. Parting or slotting
  15. Finish turning
  16. Radius form turning

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