Aluminum Die Casting supplier

Our aluminum die-casting supplier has been working with us for more than 5 years. Their management has previously operated die-casting mold factories, so they have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing die-casting molds. They have 8 set aluminum die-casting equipment, simple machining equipment, and an automatic painting line

Basic Information of this Aluminum die-casting supplier

Numbers of employee:  Have over 60 workers including 3 engineers and 5 QC people.
Years of establishment: 2012
Main products: Aluminum die casting parts
Major equipment: Die casting machine 8 sets, 800/500/280/160 Ton
The drilling machine 20 sets
Surface treatment: automatic painting line 1 set
Inspection tool:  spectrograph 1 set, universal tester 1 set, X-Ray instrument 1 set
Main process: Die casting, Deburring, polishing, painting
Certification: ISO 9001 certification
Tooling capabilities: Can repair tooling in Own factory

Picture of this aluminum die-casting supplier

aluminum die casting shop
die-casting machine
They have 8 die casting machines, die casting capacity:800/500/280/160 Ton
aluminum die casting mold
Aluminum die casting mold
They can do simple machining, like deburring, Drilling in Own factory
they Also have an automatic painting line, can do painting in own factory
They have x-ray instrument and universal test equipment, so They can do a non-destruction inspection in own factory.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminium die casting auto parts



Our Aluminum die casting supplier have the ability to produce a complex shape and thin wall thickness die casting parts.