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China sand casting supplier

We have produced various Machined sand casting parts for our customer, our China sand casting supplier can provide green sand casting, shell mold casting, and resin sand casting process.

They can choose manual casting or automatic casting according to the shape and quantity of the product. The Manual sand casting is suitable for produce low quantity/complex structure, especially uses of the cores. The automatic sand casting is suitable for producing large quantity parts, Normally it has better casting quality than manual casting line.

Basic information about sand casting foundry
Numbers of employee: Have over 70 workers including 3 engineers and 3 QC people.
Years of establishment:2003
Main products:Small and medium-sized iron casting parts
Production capability:9000 Tons /year
Major equipment:Sand prepare& mixing device 1 set, Electric induction furnace 3 sets,
Automatic molding line 1 set, resin sand cast line & precoated cast line 1 set
Inspection tool:spectrometer&mechanical test equipment
Main process:automatic sand casting, No-bake resin sand casting, shell mold casting
Certification:ISO 9001 certification

Picture of  China sand casting supplier

automatic sand mixer equipment

Automatic sand prepare and mix device
automatic sand casting line
The Automatic sand casting Line,Production capacity, more than 10 tons per shift
shot blasting equipment
Shot blasting equipment

Manual sand casting parts

The manual sand casting process is usually to produce a single piece part (sample or very large part) or small batch production. In China, Many sand casting foundries still use manual sand casting process, Because their worker and engineer have rich experience, So the quality of the manual sand castings produced by some well-managed foundries can be close to the automatic casting process.
nice surface quality sand casting parts
Manual sand casting parts with nice surface quality, the material is special heat resistant iron, around 2.5Kg
QT-450 sand casting parts
Agricultural machinery part, because of the complex internal structure, is very suitable for the manual casting process, Material is QT 450, Around 5Kg

Automatic Sand casting Parts

In general, Automatic sand castings have a smooth surface and stable quality. Due to the higher production efficiency, the price of automatic casting products is cheaper than manual casting. At our China sand casting supplier, One automatic sand casting line can produce at least 10 tons castings per night, so M.O.Q is around 10 Tons.


automatic sand casting pipe parts

sand casting pipe parts

Automatic sand casting pipe parts, with a smooth surface and small casting tolerance.

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